Bitte beachten Sie folgenden Warnhinweis seitens des belgischen Verbandes: der belgische Verband warnt vor Mrs. Gao Lan, die Tauben zum Schein kauft, diese dann aber weder abholt, noch bezahlt.


Nachfolgend finden Sie die Nachricht des belgischen Verbandes:


Dear Mr President,

In our capacity of Pigeon Fanciers’ Federation, it saddens us to have to send you this email to prevent that other pigeon fancier federations or amateur pigeon fanciers fall victim to the same serious offences as we did.

In 2019, our federation organised a public sale during the National Days. Most of the pigeons, valued at a total amount of about EUR 100,000.00, were purchased by one single person, Mrs Gao Lan, also known as “Coco” in the world of pigeon fanciers. 

In spite of having bought the pigeons in public, the person in question retracted and, notwithstanding several reminders, has never honoured her debt.

As things stand, aside from having to suffer the financial losses, the federation also had to come up with solutions for these pigeons that remain on “standby”.

From various pigeon fancier sources we have learned that the person in question, dishonourably and unapologetically, continues to conduct business in the world of pigeon fanciers.

We hereby ask you to alert your amateurs and officers to the risks they expose themselves to by dealing with a partner such as her.


Yours sincerely,

The National President,



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